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Why Choose Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The human body is an ever growing thing both inside and out. Changes occur daily, even the non-visible changes. As an individuals body continues to change, there are changes that need to be made to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can be hard for some and without the right help & knowledge it could put someone’s health at risk. Hormone replacement therapy has been proven to help maintain a healthy lifestyle while also balancing the bodies cell structure at a required level for a healthy life.

Complications of Traditional Hormones

When it comes to traditional hormones, the variability of hormone concentrations from one hour to the next (half life too short). Concentration elevates quickly and in a short time is so low it becomes ineffective. It is almost impossible to elevate the concentrations high enough to be of practical benefit to relieve symptoms

Most adults begin significant loss of hormones after their early 20’s. Childbirth, menopause, and time also alter womens’ hormone levels.

Male hormone levels typically decline 1-2% annually, meaning that by their mid 40’s, most men have lost almost half their prime hormone levels.

Traditional hormone replacement therapy is very unlikely to reach therapeutic blood levels to have any significant results. Some processes seen with traditional hormone replacement therapy include:

  • Hormone replacement pill taken daily
  • Application of cream once or twice a day
  • Injection weekly (generally very problematic)
  • Hormone therapy patches which frequently come detached

All the issues seen with these methods of traditional hormone replacement therapy are generally inaffective and pointless for increasing the cell levels needed to sustain quality hormone levels.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Sustains Levels

Hormones delivered in therapy have been shown to produce higher sustained levels of hormone effectiveness as compared to other methods.

Hormone deficiencies and imbalances can have a severe negative impact on daily lifestyles in both men and women. Inadequate hormone levels can attribute to:

  • Loss of energy
  • Low sex drive
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Weight gain
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Depression and mood swings

In many cases these negative effects are ignored or discounted by the traditional medicine used. Some look at these symptoms as being part of the aging process and suffering individuals are told to “deal with it”, “it will pass” or “this comes with getting older”. The good news is that in most cases these conditions can be treated through use of hormone replacement therapy.

At Biolifecycle we achieve optimized hormone levels for our patients by restoring those levels back to that of their prime not just the levels for mid-life or senior adults. We are so confident that we can optimize an individual’s hormone levels we offer a written guarantee. We do not only relieve our patients symptoms, we treat the actual cause of them.

Procedure of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Understanding how the procedure will work can be a major relief for anybody. With bioLifeCycle’s hormone replacement therapy an individual will experience:

  • Short in office procedure performed by medical staff
  • Local anesthetic
  • Pellets are placed beneath the skin
  • No stitches required
  • Zero down time
  • Minimal restrictions

The only thing recommended is to not soak for 72 hours and avoid any rigorous exercise for 24 hours. A patient is usually seen every 3 to 4 months for therapy after going through the hormone replacement pellet therapy procedure.

BioLifeCycle guarantees that hormone levels will improve and bio-hormone replacement therapy is safe, effective and virtually maintenance free!