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About Low Testosterone

Hormones are the root to the bodies health. When experiencing unbalanced hormones it affects people beyond just their physical appearance, it affects internally as well. Hormone depletion is the root to many health ailments including andropause and menopause.

Some symptoms of hormonal imbalance include:

  • Palpitations
  • Irritability
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Epilepsy

These are just a few of the various health complications experienced by hormone depletion.

Understanding Hormones

The human body relies on various cells for proper health and balance. When the enzymes, proteins and chemicals are not received by the cells, hormone depletion begins to set in. The three main areas of hormones are progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. When these three areas of hormones begin the depletion process, it affects an individual entirely.

The following chart is an example of the lose of hormones from the age of 20 and up. The depletion begins to take a rapid dive in an individuals early 30s and continues to deplete when not properly cared for.


Unbalanced Hormones Affect

Individuals are generally diagnosed incorrectly when it comes to unbalanced hormones. When hormone depletion goes unnoticed, individuals begin their path to many health issues and placed on unnecessary medications for other health ailments. There are many major reasons underlying the failure to identify hormone deficiencies within the medical field including:

  • Lack of patient-physician awareness
  • Inadequate medical training in hormone therapy medicine
  • Fear of time constraints
  • Poor reimbursement
  • Perception of lack of available treatments
  • Difficulties with communication
  • Targeted by Big Pharma


Misdiagnosis is becoming a very common thing when individuals are dealing with hormone depletion. When an individuals hormone levels go untested the medical personnel are unaware that many symptoms individuals are experiencing is due to the depletion of sex hormones.

Mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants prescription drugs are freely and frequently dispensed by the medical community when in reality individuals are suffering from hormone depletion. In most cases, mood swings are the direct result of low estrogen, progesterone and/or testosteron levels. Hormone replacement therapy can help rebalance hormones as well as minimize the need for various prescription drugs being recommended by medical communities.